You Can Love the Whole World


On the path of the spiritual warrior
the fundamental practice is lovingkindness,
and as always
when we embark on journeys
such as this,
we begin with ourselves.

As we are able to look upon
our selves with clarity
and generate compassion
for all of the places
that are weak, asleep,
closed, stubborn,
and needy,
we cultivate within ourselves
the capacity to meet all beings
with the same clarity,
the same compassion.

And the greatest gift you can give
is your honest lovingkindness
flowing from a heart
that has known suffering
and the antidote to suffering.

This moment matters.

If there is even one tiny place
that you don’t love
in yourself,
attend to it now…
lack of love for yourself,
however small,
is  a lack of love for the whole world.

But love yourself truly,
and now you can
love the whole world.

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