As a Drop of Water Knows the Ocean


If you want to be happy,
don’t hold on to anything.
It’s all changing.
Clinging causes suffering
as that which you thought was permanent
slips through your fingers–
you could never hold on tightly enough.
No grip is strong enough
to keep time from passing
flowers from withering
weather from changing
bodies from dying–
so don’t hold on.
Let go.
Let go and know true happiness,
as a drop of water knows the ocean
who welcomes it back home.

2 responses »

  1. Beautiful, Lorien. Another shiver-inspiring poem as I catch up on your beautiful poetic musings. Thank you for continuing to create while I was scrabbling away at Doing. And then resting from too much Doing.

    • Thank you Maxine. Thank you for having an open heart and an expansive spirit that resonates with the feeling I’m trying to convey in my poems. ❤

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