Step Out Into the Open Field of Now and See


You are not who you think you are,
but don’t take my word for it,
experiment a little,
and see if this is true for you.
Try this:
Construct a box of your beliefs–
ideas about yourself,
perceptions of this world,
your life,
the people in it–
and then step into this box,
stay there a while.
Are you happy there?
Are you happy in this little box,
always staring at the same walls,
the same images,
always thinking the same thoughts?
Are you happy in this little box?
Now try this:
Step out of the box.
Flatten it, put it into the recycling bin–
you can always get another.
And now,
with this newfound space,
look around.
See the world as it is.
See the people as they are,
the universe as it is,
yourself as you are.
Are you happy now?
And maybe you’ll need
to go back inside your box
every once in a while,
that’s okay.
Spend some time there as needed,
but remember:
there is a whole big wonderfully fresh
wildly alive world out there,
waiting for you to step out
into the open field of now
and see.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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