Become Still and Awaken


Who would you be
if there was nothing wrong with you?
If there was nothing to change or fix?
Who would you be
if you didn’t have to be good,
or successful,
or praised?
Who would you be
if there was no need to cling
to certain objects, people, or ideas,
if you didn’t need reality to be a certain way
in order to be happy?
What if we could witness ourselves–
our thoughts, sensations, our lives–
with a tender, soft, open heart of compassion?
We don’t sit in order to be good.
We sit in order to awaken.
Take your seat now, friend.
Become still and awaken.

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  1. This awareness didn’t come to me until years practicing- for so long it was about sitting out of needing to fix what was broken- it became a whole different practice once I began to sit from a place of wholeness and wanting to be here. Lovely inspiration this AM, thank you.

    • Thanks for stopping by Diahann. It is wonderful to have kindreds along the path who can relate to what I write. It helps me to see that I am not alone. Thank you for your presence. ❤

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