The Heart of Compassion


Summon the courage of a warrior,
and step into the heart of compassion.
This is not some esoteric ideal…
this is you being willing to feel
the pain of someone who is suffering.
It does not sound elegant, does it?
And probably not too compelling either,
when on the other end of this willingness to feel
someone else’s pain
is a confrontation with your own pain,
and your fear of suffering.
This is why we call this the path of the warrior–
not for the faint of heart,
the path of those who live through the heart.
But this is what I want–
to be clear,
to see,
to let my heart open and expand
until it is big enough to hold it all–
the joy and the pain
of all beings–
and to know my true self intimately
as I abide in this heart of compassion.

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