Joy Everywhere


Joy can be cultivated.
Just look around you
and notice what you have,
There are many things
we take for granted
simply because they have always been there:
this beating heart
the air that we breathe
the earth that we walk upon.
For one moment,
open your eyes to the bigger picture
and see what you have been looking at–
this food
this home
these clothes
this child
this dear friend
this sunset.
Rejoicing is an ability
you can develop.
Be friends with yourself,
expand, become clear,
focused, steady.
The world will open up.
You will see joy everywhere.

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  1. My thoughts have been going in a similar direction lately. Only yesterday I was savouring a melon and being grateful that the nourishment nature gives us is actually tasty and delicious. It doesn’t have to be, we need food but food doesn’t need us. But it is, it nourishes us and delights us and that is a remarkable thing. And this is only a small aspect of the many wonderous things about life we can cultivate gratefulness for. 🙂

    • Yes Milena, thank you for adding your realization here…for sharing that moment of savoring with us. So much gratitude to Mother Nature for giving us this incredible bounty to taste–beautiful and nourishing and so good to eat. And the discipline becomes our conscious cultivation of this grateful state of mind by deliberately looking for things that delight us during regular, every day moments. May you savor much and experience great delight! ❤

    • Yes, Diahann, are we willing to receive? Sometimes I feel like I’m waking up from a dream about the past or the future, and now I can finally see what is right there. My children have been so helpful in bringing me back to the present–that’s where they live.

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