This Feeling Path


To really feel,
summon your courage
and deepen your breath.
Breathing deeply,
expanding into inner space,
we open ourselves to experience the moment
fully, unadorned, without pretense.
Don’t be afraid to feel–
if it weren’t for feelings
and their myriad forms of expression,
you wouldn’t exist.
As you sit with whatever arises
and cultivate a willingness to be with it all,
spontaneously there emerges
a kindred spirit-ship,
an undeniable connectedness
with all beings,
the certainty that you are never alone.
Now, rather than isolating you,
overwhelming you,
or giving more energy to the story
that there is something wrong with you,
your feelings can bring you back home
to the infinitely expansive present moment.
The experience of your own freedom
will draw others into their freedom.
What a gift!
This path,
this feeling path,
is precious indeed.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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