This One Breath of Awakening


The bell rings.
Allow the sound to fulfill its destiny.
Listen until the tone fades from your ears
a flash of pure, clear, unobstructed consciousness.
Begin to breathe.
Inhale that which is hot, heavy, dark, uncomfortable
Exhale that which is cool, light, luminous, refreshing.
Let your breath become synchronized
with the flow of your visualization,
giving and taking.
As it beats out the rhythm of life
your heart becomes even more spacious.
The space that holds the heart
deepens and widens
and there is endless expansion.
You breathe in your own suffering,
knowing that you can breathe in
for all beings who are suffering just like you.
You exhale healing, radiance, joy, peace,
knowing that you can breathe out
for all beings,
that they might find healing, radiance, joy and peace.
Never underestimate the immeasurable importance
of this one breath you are breathing now,
this one breath of awakening.

2 responses »

  1. Very inspiring, and totally important the focus you give to caring about the healing of others, not just our own wellbeing – interconnected as we all are at the energetic level. Blessings, Sam

    • Yes Sam, when we can acknowledge the interconnectedness, it would be hard for us to do anything to harm another. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we focus on the healing of others, we can consciously amplify our own self-healing. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. And blessings to you! ❤

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