Back Home to Being


You can begin now,
right where you are.
Don’t wait–
tune in to what is,
You aren’t trying to fix anything,
just notice.
There is a middle ground
between repressing and reacting
and there you will find
one little tender spot of awareness.
Touch it for a moment
and you might just remember
who you really are–
much more than who you think you are.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Let yourself feel what you are feeling,
breathe in all of it,
Feel the discomfort, the heaviness, the grief
on your in breath.
As you breathe out,
radiate comfort, light, relief–
for all beings who are in the same boat as you.
You can start where you are–
with all of the messiness of life,
just as it is–
the pain, the aversion, the fear,
they can all be gateways back home
to that one little tender spot of being.
Don’t wait.
Come home now,
back home to being.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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