Breathe It All In


Somewhere along the way,
we learned to avoid pain
and cling to pleasure.
It is precisely this habit
of pushing away what we think we don’t want
and holding on to what we think we do want
that deprives us of opening
to all that we have right now.
Breathe it all in,
the pleasure and the pain.
Have this experience,
whichever one you’re having right now–
breathe it in.
Then send back out into the world
comfort for those who are experiencing the same pain as you,
knowing that you are not alone.
Radiate out into the world
the same delight you are enjoying right now,
that all beings might also experience this delight.
Try this now.
See how you open to your own sweet being,
the same sweetness that gave rise to life,
the same sweetness that sustains life,
the same sweetness that takes life away,
the ebb and the flow of existence,
waves on the shore of eternity.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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