The Light You Shine


A simple yet profound change in attitude
can expand the perceived universe
beyond what was once thought possible.
You as the perceiver
are constantly creating the world you live in
according to what you think you see,
what you think you feel
think you know
think you do.
What if, instead of running away from
that which repulses you,
you could for just one moment stop
and be curious?
What if you could actually go toward
the things you fear or dislike?
Turning and facing your shadows,
allowing the deep hidden pain and trauma to surface
and shining the light of awareness on it all
is the most courageous and loving thing
you could do for yourself and the world.
Once you have successfully navigated
the peaks and valleys of your inner world,
you discover that there is absolutely nothing to fear
in the outer world, and–
it is all connected,
there is no separation.
Do you want to know how to help
the suffering ones in this world?
Decide today to welcome
whatever this moment brings.
Relax, breathe,
open your heart, eyes, and mind
to this present moment.
Awaken to the pure, unobstructed clarity
of your radiant consciousness.
Your awakening
will give others the courage to awaken themselves.
The light you shine
illuminates all beings.

6 responses »

  1. I absolutely love this. Did you write it?

    “What if you could actually go toward
    the things you fear or dislike?” – great question. How do we face the paper tigers with intent?

    Thanks for sharing

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