A Union Such as This


If you want to help someone else
you must first face whatever it is in you
that you have been rejecting, repressing,
for how you can truly help another
if your shadows  have rendered you helpless?
How can you heal another
if your wounds are eating you from within?
Become friends with your inherent wholeness,
see the play of time and space,
the swirls of existence,
the inevitable cycles of pleasure and pain
gain and loss
sorrow and joy,
and remember who you are beneath
the surface of dualistic thinking.
The being in you wants your attention.
The being in you waits patiently.
Would you keep an old friend waiting forever?
Reconnect, reestablish this friendship,
deep, warm, ancient and sweet.
In a union such as this,
the whole world is sure to awaken.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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