When You Are Ready to See


This is how the mind works:
it creates a story,
then it believes it–
even if the story has nothing to do with reality.
One would think that we could just choose
to see reality…
but it isn’t so simple sometimes.
A fish takes the ocean for the entire universe;
so it is with the thoughts in our mind.
They swim around, here and there,
and we think,”This is it.”
But there might come a time when we realize
that there is more to life than these stories
in our heads–
as a fish might somehow realize
there is more to the universe than his ocean home.
What would happen with such expansive awareness?
Surely a miracle or two or three.
Notice the stories,
let reality open your eyes to them.
When you are ready to see,
you will.

2 responses »

  1. Sometimes the stories I’ve found are projections and I often have to remind myself they aren’t real so I don’t get pulled into their web and start living them out as if they were real. And also the potency of changing the story so we can see something else.

    • Ah yes, changing the story–this can be incredibly empowering. Begin telling a healing story, discontinue telling the stories that don’t need to be told. I’m grateful for mindfulness practices that continue when I rise from my cushion; they help me stay a little more alert so that I can see the story as it rises up and choose to keep telling it or not.

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