Find the Door


We all experience craving, aversion, and ignorance,
but who among us is willing
to see these tendencies in ourselves
and consciously choose what we do with them?
You are in a dark room and you want out.
Should you just stand still and shout,
angry to be here in this dark room?
Should you sit down, close your eyes,
and wish for more light?
Should you think of something else completely,
pretending you are where you want to be?
How about switch on the lights?
Now you see the door.
You see the room,
everything that is in it.
If you want to leave, you can,
and now it is a simple leaving–
no shouting, no anger,
no wishing,
no pretending–
Just you seeing where the door is
and stepping through.
We can work with our craving, aversion, and ignorance
in the same way.
Each one of these provides a door to higher consciousness,
but we must switch on the lights
to find the door.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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