A Glimpse of the Miracle


If we were enlightened all of the time,
we would lose touch with reality
and we would probably be annoying
to be around.
It is the act of falling,
or hurting
or grieving,
or making a mistake,
or losing something,
or being disappointed,
that opens our hearts in compassion
for those who are experiencing
the same kind of suffering.
Don’t expect the path
to be perpetual roses, blue skies,
buttercups and sunshine–
sometimes we will fall
sometimes it will be dark.
Then we can know
the strength needed to get up
and try again.
Then we can know
the grace that lights the sky.
Then we see a vast open reality,
and we experience one tiny
glimpse of the miracle of awakening.

2 responses »

  1. Yes, I just posted a video similar to this. This definitely resonates. It is all about being in peace with whatever is here. Being in peace with being human. Allowing the ebb and flow of different waves. Enjoying the richness of Life. The dance of shadows and light. All pointing us to the silence of this one ocean. This is relaxation and inspires others to stop and simply enjoy whatever is here…unconditionally. Thank you for your beautiful post. Namaste’.

    • Namaste Tathina, and thank you for your beautiful comment. It’s so nice to meet a friend on the path who looks on life with such love. Your presence here means a lot.

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