Finding Coherence


We don’t need to be saved.
We don’t need a huge hand
descending from the sky
and plucking us from
our current predicament.
We don’t need a babysitter,
someone to keep us out of trouble
until our parents get home.
We aren’t lost.
What we see as a predicament
could morph into a learning opportunity
if we can stand and take a look
from a different angle.
When we aren’t waiting
for someone to come and save us
we tap into our own
present moment power,
the ability to see what is
and to choose how we respond.
Children wait for permission
and watch for reactions
as they trepidatiously
take a few tiny steps.
Let’s be grown ups, shall we?
Not waiting for some magic
to come and make everything better,
but making our own magic
and weaving it mindfully
through the fabric of time,
finding coherence.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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