Postscript…Thank You Pema Chodron


comfortable with uncertainty pic

My last 108 poems were inspired by the teachings in this book. Every night I would read one teaching and then write a poem in response.  It is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning practical ways to bring more compassion and understanding into your life.  Pema Chodron’s ability to frame esoteric concepts in a way that’s palatable for the western mind never ceases to amaze and inspire me.  Thank you Pema.

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  1. I love her too. Your poems were deeply felt. ❤ Hey, I am back at lauriesnotes instead of lauriesgentlehealingnotes. It's not private. I moved the new stuff to my old address. Lol! Just wanted to share a heads up on my winding path! Have a gentle day! Love, Laurie

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