Beyond the Illusion


Just as water
appears to change states–
here liquid, there solid,
sometimes vapor,
sometimes sublimated
into tiny particles of
ice suspended in the air–
yet its essential nature
remains the same,
so do we appear to change–
now joy, now depression,
sometimes stagnation,
at other times elation–
and yet our essential nature
always remains the same.
How can this be?
The awakened heart-mind,
the bodhichitta,
is never marred, never broken.
Even in the depths of our
greatest despair
when we are blind to all else
but our own pain–
still the jewel of
our awakened self
remains pure and shining.
Consider the clouds
obscuring the sun from our view.
Has the sun changed?
Of course not!
So it is when thought clouds
obscure the light of consciousness.
It remains there,
ever shining, ready to illuminate
the whole world
as we remember
what lies beyond the illusion.

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