As You Are


Magical Moment

There’s nothing wrong with you.
Let me say it again–
There is nothing wrong with you.
But somehow we all think
that we have to do more,
be better,
have more,
improve ourselves.
This attitude follows us
into every aspect of our lives
and haunts us,
drives us on and on
with no end in sight.
Even into our spiritual practice
we carry the unconscious message:
I am not good enough as I am,
and hopefully this will fix me.
Well, you’re not broken
and you don’t need to be fixed.
You are human,
and you are worthy of love
and happiness,
and respect,
and opportunities for growth
and so much more.
So by all means meditate,
go on a jog,
eat healthy food,
attend a workshop,
but don’t do it to fix yourself,
because you are not broken.
Whatever you do,
do in celebration.
Feel a welling up of gratitude for
the life that you have–
It is fleeting,
and precious,
and there is only one YOU.
Honor the self that you are.
Meet yourself as you are.
Love yourself as you are.
Pure Potential

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