Awaken Now


You can wake up now.
Not yesterday
or five years from now,
but now, right now.
But don’t expect awakening
to be filled with light
and the triumphant choruses
of heavenly hosts
and this big
a flash of insight
a feeling of universal bliss
that transcends all
states previous known to you–
no…don’t look for any of that,
or you might be sorely disappointed.
Instead, stop trying to fix this moment.
Stop trying to fix yourself
or other people.
Just open your eyes
and look around you.
Embrace this moment,
just as it is.
Everything can be used
on this path of awakening.
The bitterness,
the frustration,
the jealousy,
the rage,
the feelings of inadequacy–
all of these point to where
we haven’t yet learned
to be open,
we haven’t yet realized
that it’s possible
to be madly in love
with this moment as it is.
Be madly in love with this moment,
just as it is.

2 responses »

  1. Yes! Isn’t it great we have this moment?! Let’s enjoy and live it fully while it’s here. Then, let’s fully dive into our future moments when they arise, and when we remember.

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