Soften Your Heart


We’ve mastered the art of being stressed out,
disconnected, frustrated and depressed–
so let’s try something different.
Let’s try becoming masters of relaxation,
connection, creativity, joy.
How do we do this?
you ask.
Soften your heart.
Let yourself feel.
Let yourself see.
Awaken from the dream of separation
and see the connection of all beings.
Let your mind expand to perceive
the vastness of your heart,
let your heart soften even more.
You might cry.
You might feel scared
being so vulnerable,
feeling so much.
But what is the alternative?
Do you want to be a stoic, a rock,
unfeeling, unmoving?
A rock feels no sadness,
but neither does it feel joy.
Engage, my friend,
engage with this world.
Your heart is the doorway
to all that is good and whole and true.
Let your heart be soft and open,
and watch life open itself completely to you.

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