Do What Must Be Done


The point isn’t protecting ourselves
and all of our loved ones
from suffering–
that is completely hopeless,
just hopeless,
because suffering is a fact of life.
But what does give us hope
is this sweet acceptance
of this moment as it unfolds.
In the absence of resistance
we have so much clarity,
and we tap into the inner resources
necessary for awakening.
When we drop the thought
that this moment should
be other than what it is right now,
our crystal clear vision
gives us the power to
respond, rather than
react in the same old way.
Acceptance does not equal apathy.
I’m not encouraging you
to tolerate intolerable situations.
I’m not saying to accept social injustice,
to be mute, to go along with abuse–
on the contrary!
Your clear sight gives you the tools
to see, to speak up,
to know what must be done.
Your openness to this moment
gives you the strength and the courage
to go forth and do what must be done.
Drop the story,
embrace this moment.
Do what must be done
not from anger or self-righteousness
but from an open body-heart-mind
that honors the life in all of us.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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