Beauty in the Change


Here’s the beauty
in all of the constant change–
the person we are today
is not the same person we were yesterday.
All of the fixed ideas we held of ourselves
dissipate in the vast expanse of being.
The hopeless case
we thought we were one day
now becomes a wise prophet in the next.
We are never the same day to day
and this is beautiful.
The cells in our bodies
are constantly changing,
so is the weather.
Our thoughts are swirling
as a flock of birds swirl
in the clear blue sky.
We have nothing to hold onto
as a child cannot keep a sandcastle
when the surf reaches the shore
in high tide.
Don’t attempt to hold on
to that which is always falling apart.
Melt into the change
as summer sun melts the snow
on mountaintops
sending a life-giving drink
to the valleys below.
There is beauty in the constant change.
Embrace your impermanence
and flow with life.

6 responses »

    • Thank you Sarah! If we can’t accept change, we’re doomed. If we can experience change as beautiful, we’re blessed, because change is inevitable…so there will always be this kind of beauty in our lives. ❤ 🙂

    • That’s a beautiful realization. I’m also smiling at the fact that you had “impermanence” permanently inked into your flesh. That’s pretty beautiful too.

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