Open to Your True Nature


Open to your true nature.
Dig down deep and find
an unshakeable sense of self-worth.
If the depression creeps in
and that same old voice tells you
that you can’t get anything right,
if the self-denigration takes over
and you start to believe that
you need to fix yourself
because there is something
dreadfully wrong with you–
ask yourself
How does this kind of thinking make me feel?
Do I want to reinforce these beliefs,
do I want to live my days like this?

Each thought is a choice.
Do you want to allow
the self-deprecating thoughts
to grow stronger?
Listen to another voice.
It is quieter than all the rest.
It is the voice that waits patiently
for you to slow down, stop, and listen.
It will say
Open to your true nature.

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