Meet Your Demons With Great Love


When the resistance is gone, so are the demons.  –Pema Chodron

What you resist, persists.
What you open to,
what you look at,
what you accept
integrates and dissipates
back into the great unknown
from whence it came.
All the parts of yourself
that you’d rather not acknowledge–
the painful memories
the sadness, the pettiness,
the rage, the resentment
the fear,
the grief…
these are your greatest friends!
They show you where
love is needed most.
Walk straight up to your inner demons.
Put an arm around them,
say, “I love you.”
Poof! Most will vanish
because they have served their purpose.
Some demons will be particularly
persistent, like they’ve taken up
residence in
your mind/body/heart/soul/life
and will never leave.
Those persistent ones need your love too.
Hold all these pieces with tenderness.
Watch them soften and melt.
Let them flow back into your heart as
you breathe in,
relieved to have finally come home.

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