Welcome Your Teachers


Welcome your teachers,
especially the ones whom you’d rather avoid.
That old story about being comfortable,
about staying clear of difficult people–
set it aside for a moment,
and look into the great mirror of being.
Do you need to have others agree with you
to feel confident about your own thinking?
Does everyone have to look the same as you
for you to feel comfortable in your own skin?
Turn and move closer to the disagreeable people.
They have much to teach you
if only you can be willing to listen.

2 responses »

  1. Thanks for this reminder. I’ve noticed that some of my best teachers have been lessons I resisted at first. Once I slowed down and listened, I saw what was there for me to learn.
    I’ve been practicing putting up less resistance when I notice the edge of my comfort. It’s great practice for the big lessons.

    • What wonderful insight Vincent–putting up less resistance when you notice the edge of your comfort. If we can work with the discomfort on the spot with smaller things, then we can apply this wisdom to bigger challenges. Not easy, but certainly possible if we’ve put the time in practicing and learning about ourselves along the way. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and isight here; you words are very much valued!

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