True Gifts


If we want to be a listening presence for others
we must learn how to listen to ourselves first–
otherwise it is all an act,
and what this world needs most is your sincerity,
and the wisdom of your direct experience.
When you can let yourself feel
everything you are feeling
and stay open to it all,
then you have built the inner strength necessary
to witness the feelings of others
and stay open to them too.
Which is a greater gift–
material comfort
or the comfort of an open heart
embracing all of your pieces,
helping you to feel whole again?
Look not for what you can give to others,
but what you can receive from them,
for in your gracious receiving
is hidden your most generous offering.
Look into the hearts of those around you
and lessen their burden in some way.
Lightness and freedom in your presence,
and the realization that we are all okay
in every way.
Now those are true gifts.

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