The Meat of Patience


It can’t happen in a vacuum.
It’s easy to hide oneself
in a cave,
meditate for ten years
and talk about how patient
and peaceful one is–
and it can look really good on paper,
but patience wasn’t meant
to be a concept, a theory,
no, it cannot happen in a vacuum.
But try to peacefully coexist–
try living every day life with other people–
and there, my friend,
THERE is the meat of patience.
Moments you can sink your teeth into
and take a bite–
of your tongue
instead of blurting out
something angry or hurtful.
Or tasting someone else’s vinegar
and adding your honey
to make the moment
just a little sweeter.
Or seeing the fuel
and refusing to strike the match
because we don’t need more fire,
we need the life-giving water
to pour over us,
to quench our thirst
for what is deep and pure
and good in all of us.
Dig deep
and tap into the wellspring of patience
within you.
Reach out your cool, compassionate hand
and soothe the brow
of this weary world.

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  1. Hi Loren. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the blogosphere or cyberspace…. I’m enjoying your posts as I look back through the last few days in my wordpress reader. Thanks for putting something good out into the world! Love and Light to you…

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