Confronting Fear


At some point
on this path of the spiritual warrior
we’ll need
to confront our fear.
It is inevitable.
We invest so much energy
in that which we fear,
and we fear that which
we don’t understand.
Our limited understanding
translates into limitless
reasons to be afraid.
As warriors
we can seek to understand more,
and stay curious about
what we don’t know,
vowing to be a student of life,
always learning.

We feel anxious over
that which we can’t anticipate.
And truly, we can’t be sure of any
future reality.
We can’t anticipate anything
with certainty…
and this makes us terrified
for what might come.

Our fears keep us
in a prison
where there is no light
to see what we already have
all around us…
But we don’t have to stay in prison.
We can stand up to the fear,
look at it right in its eyes.
It will shrink back into
the nothingness from
whence it came.

The door is open.
Step through into the light of day.
There is no reason to be afraid.
Look around, and appreciate
this life that is yours.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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