You ARE…And This is Enough


If you want to know
who you are
in your natural state
just sit.
Add nothing to this moment
and do nothing to take away
from this moment,
just sit, listen, observe.
Whatever you perceive
arises from a primordial
mix of body/mind/spirit consciousness.
If you sit still enough
you can experience the consciousness
in its most clear, pure,
unobstructed state,
before the senses attempt to grasp
or the mind to label
or the external world of phenomena
to assimilate and transform.
Just sit, breathing, watching.
A clear mind
has no need of the past or future.
It doesn’t need to evaluate
and it doesn’t attempt to define
any aspect of this moment.
A sign pointing in the direction of a place
is not the place itself
and standing there staring at it,
talking about it
won’t get you there more quickly–
you need to go there
to experience the place.
BE there and unlock its wordless secrets.
If you want to know your natural state,
give up all hope of understanding.
It IS and this is enough.
You ARE, and this is enough.

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    • Thanks Elysha. Meditation is so helpful in ways that words can’t adequately describe. I wish for all beings to experience their essence, to return to their natural state, and I see meditation as the key to that experience. ❤ 🙂

    • We all need this reminder, as often as possible. I’m happy that you can see the truth of your beautiful self, that you are receptive to the reminder. ❤ 🙂

    • Have you listened to any talks by Pema Chodron? In one of her recorded talks she shared a little about a big gathering of spiritual teachers and therapists and social workers, etc, who met with the Dalai Lama…and when asked
      “What is our greatest obstacle to happiness”, he said “Self denigration.” It is astonishing how difficult it can be, and at the same time it isn’t surprising at all that we have to work so hard to be genuine in our compassion and love for ourselves.

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