Look Into the Mirror


When you look into the mirror
don’t be afraid–
stand naked and look
at the truth of your being.
Don’t cover yourself
with illusions;
drop the veil
that shields you from being fully alive
and stand fresh and vulnerable and spontaneous,
curious about who you really are.
There is nothing to fear,
open your eyes even wider.
Don’t ask the mirror
to reflect what you want to see
and then break it in anger
when it doesn’t comply.
Look at what is there
and love this self that is you.
The mirror is a friend.
It shows us where
the healing balm of self-love
is most needed.
As we apply this loving kindness to ourselves
the mirror will reflect it
back into the world.
All of our likes and dislikes,
our strengths and weaknesses
our shortcomings and our gifts–
the mirror reflects them all,
shining in the freshness of this now moment.
As we stand and look with courage
at the truth of ourselves
we see the whole world reflected
back to us;
the whole universe is held
in the glint of our eyes.

6 responses »

  1. Thank you, Lorien, for the great reminder. Yes, it might seem easy to blame the mirror, yet that won’t help us. I’ve considered getting one of those fun-house mirrors though …

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