Don’t Search the Mountaintop


The more you awaken to reality
the more you see that escaping
the suffering of the world
isn’t the solution or the goal.
Your spiritual path
ceases to be a chance
for you to shine brightly
in your beatific spiritual radiance
sitting alone on your mountaintop
so peaceful, so enlightened–
and it becomes you
rolling up your sleeves,
seeing what work needs to be done,
and doing it–
not for the fame or recognition
but because you earnestly
wish for your life energy
to be of benefit to all beings.
Don’t search on the mountaintop
for the most enlightened one–
look in the mirror
and then do the work
of bringing more light to this world.

2 responses »

    • It can be so messy, can’t it? And yet digging in, this is where we find all the good stuff. Let’s get some dirt under our nails as we dig even deeper. 🙂 ❤

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