Open to Life


Open to life as it is right now,
whether it is hot or cold,
sunny or rainy,
whether you find the smells
pleasant or unpleasant
or the people
irritating or kindly,
open to life.
The more you open
the more you let in
the more space you will have
to live, to breathe
to be free of the ego identity
that separates you from me from everyone.
Open to life.
It doesn’t mean that you rejoice
when you step in dog poop
or love getting caught in rush hour traffic
on the way to your dinner reservation.
You will still be sad sometimes,
happy at others,
annoyed sometimes,
peaceful at others.
Just open to life
and watch with the witness self,
watch how the events of life
spin around you like beads on a string
and you at the center, still,
connect each bead with the thread
of your awareness passing through,
opening even more,
seeing even more,
living even more.

4 responses »

  1. Oh, I sometimes think that at my best I might be able to somehow rejoice when I step in dog poop. Not that I’d go looking for it! No, it’s that I would be open to everything and everything.
    The Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says “no mud, no lotus”.
    Without the fertilizer, there wouldn’t be vibrant new life.
    Thanks for your reminders.

    • Heh heh, to play on Hanh’s saying about the mud and the lotus, I would say–“No dog poop, no enlightenment.” Yes, open to everything, madly in love with this life. And we can set this aspiration, and then be kind and gentle with ourselves when we think we’ve fallen short, using these moments as opportunities to grow and expand even more. Thanks again Vincent for being here with your words and your presence. It’s a delight to see your comments. 🙂 ❤

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