All You Need to Be


Don’t get stuck on trying to attain an ideal…
you’ll only feel crappy when you miss the mark.
Being human means having the whole spectrum
of experience available to us
and the trick is to simply be with what we have now.
When you’re happy, breathe into the happiness
and when you’re sad, breathe into the sadness.
Let yourself have this experience of being alive.
When you’re tired listen to your body,
and if you can, give it some rest.
When you’re excited, watch what you do
with this life energy of yours, choose wisely.
It’s impossible to be happy and peaceful all of the time…
when you come to accept this fact
you can delight in the whole spectrum of thoughts and feelings,
this life that is so richly varied, this world that is so vast.
Be as big as you are right now.
This is all you need to be.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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