Make Space


We crowd so much into our days
we might feel that we are always
hurried, frantic, overbooked, neurotic–
but there is an antidote to this idiotic
tendency to sacrifice quality for quantity–
we can make space.
It doesn’t take much.
You don’t need any special talent or skill.
Just look up at the great blue sky and breathe.
Slow down your foot steps.
Look, really look around you, see.
Watch how the in-breath melts into the out-breath,
how one thought trails off and leaves one moment
of non-thought before mind jumps to the next fantasy.
The space you make is a gift.
A span of timelessness,
of needing or wanting nothing but what is.
The freedom in this,
the simple joy,
the beauty.
It is yours for the taking.
Space is yours for the making.

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