Perfect Teachers


You don’t have to go looking
for the perfect teachers,
the ones with the right wisdom to wake you up–
they follow you wherever you go.
They are beside you,
in front of you,
behind you,
above you,
below you,
circling you always.
Open your eyes and heart and mind,
and see the Teachers, always there.
You cannot escape them,
even if you move into
a new apartment
or arrange
a marriage annulment.
They remain attached, in sight
even if you put on kingly robes
and make an entire nation crumble
with your might.
The question isn’t
Where are my teachers?
Are my eyes open, my ears?
They are your hopes and fears
your neuroses, your reactivity,
the words you say,
your actions,
your deeds–
awareness of all of these,
this is what feeds your growth.
How much you open,
how much you awaken
determines what you can learn
in this lifetime of yours.
Do not search for the perfect teachers
out there, somewhere.
The perfect teachers are in you.

2 responses »

  1. Yes, thanks for the reminder. Isn’t there an ancient story about leaving the boat by the river as we head into the forest? Isn’t it the same with teachers, that we revere the lessons and carry them with us as we progress?

    • Ah, such a beautiful story, leaving the boat by the river. What good would it do us lugging it into the woods? There comes a time when we must leave the boat and walk on our own two feet, remembering what we learned. Thanks for this image Vincent, so beautiful. ❤

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