This Moment is the Path


And what if
we could relax
with uncertainty,
if we could stop
trying to anticipate
the future?
This moment is the path.
Life is not a highway,
and it doesn’t come with a map.
We can’t plan on getting
from point A to point B
and guarantee that we’ll
reach a certain destination
by the end of it all…
This moment is the path.
We can see what we lived before
but the future is completely unknown.
Can we let go of our illusion of control
and our obsession with familiarity,
and dive into the unknown?
This moment,
let yourself grow more peaceful,
more calm
embracing the open
always unfolding
path of this present moment.

2 responses »

    • Yes, if we’re willing to embrace it. So many of us struggle with leaving behind the familiar to embrace what we do not know…So I wish you courage on the path!!!

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