All We Have


Enlightenment happens now,
not some time far off in the future
when you are exercising more
and eating healthier foods,
or when you have kept a regular practice
and have built up an escrow
of good karma for all your good deeds.
It’s not some day at some point next year
or ten years from now
when you live in the ideal place
with the ideal mate,
the ideal job, house, car, lifestyle.
It doesn’t happen when you have
healed yourself of your old wounds
and those of your family of origin.
It won’t happen when
someday you find happiness
you find peace.
It happens now.
So don’t wait.
Open your eyes, your mind, your heart
now, right now.
This path is all we have.
This path is all we have.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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