How Would You Live?


How would you live
if you remembered
that in just an instant
this life you have come to know
could be swept away forever?
How would your choices
be different
if you knew this day
would be your last?
Taking nothing for granted,
not getting caught up
in things being a certain way,
not trapped by a fear of death,
but living fully in this moment,
what would that be like?
And how could you carry
this awareness
of the profound beauty
and the utter fragility of life
in such a way
that your appreciation of life
would exert more power
than the belief
that this moment
should be other than what it is?
Letting go into this moment,
knowing the freedom to
see with your heart’s eyes,
to choose that which brings
you the most joy–
could this be your greatest offering
to the world?

4 responses »

  1. Let’s choose to live fully, in love, respect, and joy!
    I’ve had more than one brush with death, and those have reminded me to enjoy what I have.
    Thank you for your words with their delicate and inspiring reminder.

    • Vincent, I’m a glad that you are here, that the brushes with death were brushes and nothing more! I’m glad that your experiences have helped you to love what you have, to revel in this life. And I appreciate your presence, your kind words, your encouragement–and your fellowship on this path of awakening. ❀ πŸ™‚

  2. We should never take any experience for granted because life will continually change, even when we are striving for what we feel is best. Every experience is an opportunity for learning.

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