We Can


Yes we can help this world.
You and I
and all of us
now, today
we CAN help this world.
It starts with the realization
that our thoughts matter
and our words matter
and our actions matter
As we observe
the interconnectedness
of all beings
we realize that we have
great power
and great responsibility.
Let’s stop living in fear
and step into the light
of awakening.
Let us mirror our brightness
to one another
and illuminate the whole world.
We heal the world
when we heal ourselves.
We bring peace to the world
when we discover the peace
within ourselves.
It doesn’t have to be fancy
or complicated
and there isn’t enough time
for hesitation.
We can help this world
you and I
and all of us
now, today.
We can.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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