Your Sunrise


It’s possible to know yourself so well
that you don’t have to think
the same old unconscious thoughts
It’s possible to cultivate
such a deep sense of curiosity
for this self that is you
that you no longer have to look outside
to find the thrills you were seeking.
Do you know what is truly thrilling?
Facing the old demons
and watching them disappear
to reveal the beautiful self
that was there all along.
It’s as if you had lived your whole life
in a place thick with cloud cover
and then one day the clouds are gone
and you finally see the sun.
What is this blinding brightness?
It is YOU, seeing yourself for the first time.
Just make a little time each day
to seek the light within;
It is there,
as surely as the sun is there
behind the clouds in the sky.
Find your light and let it shine.
The world waits for this sunrise,
the dawn of your self-realization.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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