Present, Clear, Open and Bright


Don’t get too caught up in the perfect space,
the perfect posture
or the perfect technique–
the point is to show up.
Yes, a designated space is good
because eventually it becomes imbibed
with the energy of your awareness
and you begin to associate the space
with relaxation, openness, clarity–
so it becomes easier to slip
into a meditative state.
Yes, taking on a good posture is important
because if you’re too relaxed
you’ll doze off
and if you’re too tense
you’ll just feel stressed and neurotic.
Yes, having some idea of how
to meditate or some object to meditate on
is helpful
because with no direction
your mind could wander the whole time,
unbeknownst to you.
So, by all means,
be mindful about your space, your posture,
and your technique.
the important part is to show up.
You learn as you go along.
What feels impossible today
becomes no big deal eventually.
The resistance you feel to
becoming still and going inwards
is the fear of the tyrant
who has held your mind captive
your whole life.
Eventually, you turn to look
straight into the tyrant’s eye
and he disappears,
the way dew disappears
from the blades of grass
when the sun burns bright and high.
With the tyrant gone
you’ll see all the freedom you have,
all the freedom you’ve always had
to be present, clear, open, and bright.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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