Please Say Yes


It’s a lifelong process,
so we can take the pressure off
to be perfect,
to be better,
to just be good.
We can be who we are
and develop a kindness
toward ourselves,
meeting our thoughts,
our bodies,
this moment
just the way they are.
We can navigate
this sea of emotions
learning how to stay afloat sometimes
and to dive deep, deeper still
at others.
We can observe the ways
we travel
and instead of always
staying on the well-worn paths
we might forge new ones.
When we don’t have to
become someone else
or achieve something else,
when we don’t have to change something
or fix something,
the pressure is off;
we can relax into this moment.
The choice, as always, is yours.
Will you choose to relax with your humanness,
to cultivate a friendly attitude toward yourself?
Will you choose to open to this moment,
to be healthier and happier
and more grateful for this day?
Please say yes.

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