Emotions on the Path


Our emotions can be
a starting point
for meditation.
We might mistakenly believe
that meditation is about being
some peaceful, blissed out
present day Buddha…
but real life happens,
and sometimes we become
pissed off
stressed out
you know REAL LIFE happens,
and now we’re faced
with some pretty hefty thoughts and feelings.
Use them.
Use them on your path of awakening.
Take your feelings one by one,
find their texture and their weight,
sense their location in your body.
Breathe into them and give them space.
Feel the feelings.
And as you become absorbed
in the actual experience
of feeling human emotion,
suddenly you have the ability
to empathize with others
who are feeling the same thing as you.
Your empathy is your open door
to authentic connection.
Therefore, stay open to your feelings.
When you stay open to your feelings
you stay open to all of life.
And this life needs you to be open.

2 responses »

  1. Thank you for this, you posted it on the same morning I had realised that it is anxiety which currently greets me every morning as I wake. Thank you for the reminder that I can breathe into it, see it as a teacher, that I can be open to it and it will be ok.

    • It’s so easy to conceptualize this process in the mind, much harder to put it into practice. We have been conditioned to shut down intense emotion, as if it is bad and we need to get away from it. But we can learn how to bring the emotions into our mindfulness practice, welcome them back, face them, dive into them. And this can be so difficult and so scary to do. That’s why it’s important to have friends on the path, people who can support you as you do this transformative work. I’m here for you friend! ❤ 🙂

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