Objects of Meditation


The senses can be used
as objects of meditation,
and thus we open even more doorways
back home to the present moment.
Allow what you see
into the field of your awareness.
Watch yourself having an opinion
about what you see,
say to yourself, “Thinking, thinking,”
and get back to seeing
what is actually there.
If sound is the object of meditation,
listen without judgment or opinion.
Breathe, relax,
notice your thinking
and get back to hearing
what is actually there.
It is the same with the sense of taste,
the sense of touch
and even the sense of smell.
You’re training in being present
and it will happen bit by bit.
Relax, be friendly
with this mind that wanders away.
This compassion, this friendliness
that you offer to yourself–
this is a healing balm.
Take it up in both hands
and apply it where it’s needed most.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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