Life is the Path


Your life is the path.
As much as your mind
might try to convince you
that happiness lies
just on the other side
of this mountain,
you’ve climbed enough times to realize
that once you get to the other side,
another mountain always beckons from afar.
Instead of fixing your gaze
on some far horizon,
you can watch yourself
taking each little step,
you can feel yourself
breathing each little breath.
The color of the sky,
the feel of the wind,
the smell of the pine needles,
the sound of cold clear water
running in the stream,
the stream of life.
For the longest time,
I begged life to send me a teacher,
a shaman,
an angel,
someone to guide me,
to reveal me to myself,
to point me in the direction of my destiny.
And now it is much more simple.
I look around,
I take a breath.
Wherever I am,
right here,
right now.
All of life happening in this instant.
No other place,
no other time.
This life is the path.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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