More Powerful Than You Could Know


It’s easy to fall into the trap
of thinking
What can I do to help the world?
I’m just one person.
But if it isn’t you and me,
every single one of us
working individually
to co-create a world and a life
in alignment with our deepest values,
then who will do it for us?
when you practice,
let yourself be inspired.
Even the tiniest bit of effort
may have far reaching effects,
may help beings seen and known
and those that we cannot yet perceive.
And if you don’t have a daily practice,
that’s fine, don’t worry.
Maybe just for today,
you can take a moment to sit and breathe
and wish for all beings to know happiness
and the root of happiness.
The smallest effort on your part
circles out, creates coherence,
adds its energy
to the energy of those wanting to awaken.
Your tiniest awakening
contributes to the world’s awakening.
You are more powerful
and more important than you could know.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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