You Don’t Need to be Perfect


When you make a mistake
it doesn’t mean you have failed–
it means you are human.
Our shared humanity links us all.
Feel how your heart can open
when you remember
that you don’t have to be perfect.
There is so much more space
to look around and have the experience
of this moment.
You can set down the illusion of control
and open yourself more to what is there
right in front of you.
Mistakes keep happening,
and sometimes they hurt.
Sometimes you feel disappointed,
frustrated, impatient,
full of grief.
This still doesn’t mean that you have failed.
It still means you are human,
and the trick is to remember your humanness
and then be kind to yourself.
If you don’t know how to be kind to yourself,
just take a moment and think.
What would you say to a friend
who is hurting?
How would you reassure your friend
that they are okay,
that they are still loved?
Take a deep breath.
You can reassure yourself.
You can let yourself know
how very loved you are.
You can let yourself know
that you are okay.
Don’t expect to be perfect at this.
Don’t beat yourself up
because you aren’t perfect
at allowing yourself to be imperfect.
Just take a deep breath,
relax into this moment,
you are loved.
you are okay.
You don’t need to be perfect.

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