The Fine Line


There is a very fine line
between sanity and craziness,
an even finer line between
joy and sadness.
Maybe, actually,
there is no line,
but the two seemingly disparate polarities
in this dichotomy we’ve created
begin to blur together,
the way watercolor paint
forms beautiful swirls
and billowing clouds of color
as the tinted water spreads
across the paper and pools
in vibrant density here and there,
mesmerizing and confusing
as the boundaries disappear
and a dreamy union emerges,
oneness, totality of vision,
overwhelming and painful and sweet.
Swimming in the quick spinning center
whirlpool of our own spreading joy and sadness
painted in our own shades of craziness and sanity
it’s hard to see the whole picture.
But if we take a step back
–or if a loved one steps in
and lifts us up
and opens our eyes–
we might see the gorgeous result
of all of this blending,
this uncertainty
this inability to define
this nonexistence of the fine line…

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