Do Not Overlook the Small Things


I beg you
do not overlook the small things
do not take them for granted
rather ask yourself constantly
What would I really miss
if all of this were suddenly gone?
If you do some soul searching
you’ll discover that it’s the little things
that you would miss the most.
The sound of a loved-one’s laughter,
sitting around the dinner table
on a normal night…
Folding laundry
and seeing your child’s clothes,
how big they’ve gotten,
how small they still are.
I could go on,
but my heart might break.
There is no preparation for loss,
as much as you might try
to trick fate.
We all will one day fertilize the earth
from which we emerged.
Therefore, awaken fully,
open your eyes all the way,
and take nothing for granted.
Do not overlook the small things.

Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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